Welcome to the website of Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore.

Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore is a inter denominational fellowship of all Kuki Christians residing in the beautiful city of Bangalore. The fellowship was formally founded in 1999 by the then Kuki residents of the city. Growing slowly but surely in strength due to God's uncountable blessings, the fellowship now commands average attendance of around 120 members during each Sunday worship service.

In an age where technology has made dissemination of information very fast and available 24 hours for easy accessibility through various modes, KWSB also felt it necessary to broadcast itself and open up to the world through the world wide web. This site was launched in 2005 for the primary purpose of broadcasting its activities to the world in general and to its members in particular.

The site would not have been possible but for the availability of FREE services offered by numerous tech companies. Free services, however, as you all very well know, offer only certain functionalities and therefore the site may not be as appealing as it should be. Viewers' constructive suggestions are therefore most welcome.

Long Live Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore.

Details of Leaders of KWS, Bangalore is available at Administration 2012

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Map of the KWS Bangalore Church

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Church Service Programme - December 2012

Date Co-ordinator Praise & worship Conductor Special Nos. Scripture Reading Message


Joint Secretary

Youth Fellowship

Gl. Mimin Chongloi

1.Choir       2.Ng.'Deborah and Family 3.Evan'Jeff'Akai

Nu Nonom Kipgen

Evan Jeff Akai Haokip

9th Vice-Chairman BTC&S Pa Seilien Doungel 1. BTC&S   2.Nemneihoi Dimngel Nu Cecilia Haokip Dr. Lunkhohao Haokip
16th Annual General Assembly & Election for 2013  
23rd Finance Secretary Kothanur Prayer'Cell Pa S.'Minthang Haokip 1.Kothanur P Cell            2.Gl Thangboi 3.Nu Nengpi Kipgen Nu Hethem Kipgen Executive Committee


30th Treasurer Pastor and Evangelist


1.Pastor's Family 2.Gl'Tongjalun Doungel

Joicy [MCH] Pastor